March 21, 2020 Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church

Livestreaming Info, 3.22.20

Livestreaming Info, 3.22.20

Good evening, Good Shepherd - 

As you hopefully have seen in Pastor Jud's email this morning, we will be livestreaming both the morning and evening worship services for the next three Sunday in place of in-person gatherings. This is certainly not an ideal medium for worship. We must remember that virtual church is not true church, and digital livestreaming is not a substitute for the gathering together of the saints. These alternatives are certainly less than ideal and, Lord willing, they will be very temporary. Nonetheless, we do give thanks to God for technologies that make it possible for us to worship our Triune God on the Lord's Day.  

How can I participate in the livestream service?  

Our plan is to set up the livestream on Sunday morning between 8:45 and 9:15am. There are two ways you can access the livestream. The first is by going to our church website, We plan to embed the livestream onto the homepage of our website, so you should be able to go to our homepage and watch it from there. The second option is to look for the YouTube URL address that I will send out. I plan to send out the URL address through email and on the church Facebook page on Sunday morning.  

How do I follow along in the service?  

There is a PDF copy of the bulletin under the resources tab on our website. If you open the PDF up, you can follow along with the liturgy. All of the songs during our worship service are from the Trinity Hymnal. If you have a Trinity Hymnal, please have one with you in order to join along with the singing. You are welcome to take a Trinity Hymnal from the church to use. I've also included links to sheet music of all of the various songs we'll be singing this Sunday.

Sunday AM:

Sunday PM: 

If you have any questions that I can help with, please let me know. 

Grace and peace,