March 25, 2020 Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church

Wednesday, March 25 Encouragement

Wednesday, March 25 Encouragement

Good Shepherd family,

As circumstances change rapidly, Brennan and I committed to send daily encouragements to the church family.  

I'd like to share a quick thought on Psalm 90. It is a Psalm regularly heard as a funeral along with Psalm 23. The reason is because it instructs us to think about our time before death. Verses 1-2 are an introductory word about God. Verses 3-10 is a statement about mortality in light of God's eternity and wrath. Verse 12 starts a series of petitions (through the end) of what we can ask of God because of the limited time of human life. One helpful point is that to find meaning in our life now with the prospect of later death depends upon the starting point of our understanding. Our starting point is outside ourselves and with the covenant making LORD. This seems odd in the face of death. But the structure of the Psalm instructs us that it is proper and right. The search for meaning in life now and in death then begins with God.  

The first petition in verse 12 says, "Teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom." This is more than becoming aware that our days will end; rather, it is that God has given us time. The prayer is that we do not fail to see our time. Our time is allotted time. It is a gift. The proper response is not resignation but gratitude and joy for the time given to us.  

In Christ, Pastor Jud